What is Energize!250?

We have a challenge for YOU!  In honor of Charlottesville’s 250th birthday, we will reach 250 homes in 250 days for a 10% overall gain in energy savings.  The race began on April 26th and ends December 31st, 2012, leaving exactly 250 days to accomplish our goal.  It will be a sprint to the finish line, and we need every single resident in Charlottesville to join the mission. 


The real horsepower behind this campaign derives from Home Energy Reviews.  A home energy review is where one of LEAP’s own Certified Building Analyst visits your home to give it a “check up,”  then provides a report highlighting the biggest opportunities for energy savings.  These reviews are reinforced by behavioral changes and energy tips as well, to further augment your reduction in cost and energy usage.  Overall, getting a Home Energy Review is the best strategy for reaching that 10% goal.

Wondering how you can participate?  Well first choose whether you are a homeowner or renter, shown by the menu buttons, to learn your options. 

           City of Charlottesville Link                  Local Energy Alliance Program Link          UVA Community Credit Union Link               Charlotesville Gas Link